Yoga Educator

“When I practise, I am a philosopher. When I teach, I am a scientist. When I demonstrate, I am an artist”. B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga Essence way of teaching

My classes, workshops, and retreats are a representation of how I practice my yoga on and off the mat, my yoga way of living. I will educate you in the practice of yoga, yoga more than just asanas (postures),  how to practice the asanas from the foundations to beyond and use the breath as a bridge between body and mind. I will also teach you the Yoga Sutras and other principles of yoga. All respecting your capabilities and where you are at for the time being.

You will be encouraged to get to know yourself on a deeper level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is about knowing yourself in depth to live a much enriched life. You can take whatever you want and whatever suits you at the present moment in your journey.

At the Yoga Essence, you will find classes, workshops, one on one and retreats to start or deepen your yoga practice. All modalities aims to inspire and encourage students to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. Yoga on and off the mat.

I have been teaching full time since 2004 when I created Yoga Essence. I teach from my Yoga Essence Space at my home.  My studio is my yoga haven where I practice my yoga.  It is my pleasure to share my space with you, students that want to take yoga as a practice and as a way of living.