“Marcia has been my mentor for over 14 years. She has a unique style emphasising mindfulness and controlled breathing into a practice of  calming the mind and centering on the present moment, here and now.

I understand that she is offering her approach to those in the workplace, particularly in corporate environments.

Workplace stress in these situations is a major source of fatigue and mental unease – the practice of mindfulness has been shown to be beneficial in relieving both these symptoms.In the corporate workplace we are faced with deadlines and competition and our minds become crowded with too many unwanted thoughts and emotions – this is not conducive to a happy and contented life. Additionally our work performance suffers.

The essence of  the approach as taught by Marcia is to use centering and breathing techniques to focus the mind inwards, to quieten our thoughts and to achieve a meditative calm with effects that last well beyond the time spent in the practice itself.

As an experienced doctor I would suggest this approach well before any consideration of medication to relief symptoms of stress – tablets do not make stress better.

Marcia lives and breathes this approach in her own life and I commend her to you without reservation as a teacher of age-old practice of Mindfulness”. Dr DavidHoadley, General Practitioner


“We met Marcia about six years ago when we moved to Northcote. Both my husband and I were in pretty high-stress jobs. We were both doing long hours, international travel, struggling to meet deadlines and as is normal in these kinds of environments, – we had no balance in our lives and were both running on nervous energy and wine a lot of the time!

After the first class with Marcia, I knew that I had found ‘my special place where I could find my sanity and where I could leave the world behind and rejuvenate.’  Marcia teaches with a passion and focus that is unique to her.  She is so primed on getting all the students to leave yesterday behind, not worry about tomorrow, but to engage in the present fully.  She has full control and enables you to simply ‘let go,’ focus on what you are doing in the present moment in time that you soon find you are letting go and doing the work of a yogi and feeling amazing. Marcia engages with people and her absolute belief, and the absolute resolute manner in which she teaches is quite rare.

Yoga Essence/Marcia gave us a ‘lifeline’ that we actually didn’t realize at the time how dependent we had become on this wonderful refuge we had.  When someone is used to being on the run and working at incredible speed to simply fit everything in the day, it is incredibly difficult to slow down, breathe and take stock.  Marcia teaches this with simplicity and yet, with such conviction that we found ourselves starting to question how we were living our lives and that we needed to take time to re-group and get a balance back into our lives. This is what we all need in the modern world, and we should not be afraid to confront ourselves and our limitations and work on them.  After all, life is not a dress rehearsal.

Marcia’s yoga classes are holistic – they are spiritual, physical while still challenging you mentally. You end up so much more balanced and productive as a person. She will test your boundaries and encourage you to grow and not accept the norm.  It takes a very special and unique person to create this, and we are eternally thankful to Marcia”. Jolanta Dixon – Fashion Industry


“One of the things I’ve come to realize through my professional career is the need to keep balance and wellbeing a focused priority at all times, especially so in the times we don’t feel like we have time for them.  The other realization is how when this is done life seems smoother, the challenges somehow not so steep and the issues not so insurmountable. Stressful deadlines and work problems seem less so and are balanced by a calm and healthy body and state of mind from which the answers flow.
Yoga has been an amazing tool for stress management and wellbeing.  It’s coming up 20 years since I began practicing and while lotus position continues to elude me (and likely always will) the benefits of Yoga have made a profound difference to my personal and professional life alike.
Marcia has been my Yoga teacher for well over half of that time, and while I have experienced Yoga teachers all over Auckland and a good part of the world, I can honestly say she is without a doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her knowledge, personality, and immersion in all things Yoga create powerful, invigorating and replenishing classes.  If you think Yoga is not going to give you the workout you need I challenge you to take a session with Marcia.  Prepare to find muscles you’ve not known you’ve had and a deep sense of wellbeing”.  Michelle Baird, CA – Project Manager


“Stills beautiful, elegant and inspiring as always Marcia.  You are by far the most influential yoga teacher I have had and I think of you often. Much love”.  Julia Miles-Cassin


“A challenging year for you Marcia, where your strength and positivity has shone through all and been a gift and the inspiration to me and all those around you.  Know that personally I would go crazy and grind to a halt if I didn’t have my weekly dose of Marcia”.  Mandy Villas – Fashion Industry