“Journeying into the heart.”

The journey into the heart is a process of peeling off the layers that we create in ourselves when we experience life from birth to these days. These layers are layers of emotions that become stored in our beings, and influence our whole wellbeing. Emotions may eventually manifest in the physical body in the form of an injury, a condition such as anxiety or yet manifest as a chronic dis-ease such as Depression, Insomnia or even more severe illness such as Diabetes or even Cancer.

As we live life and experience it, we also experience “feelings.” Ideally, feelings of the experience you have had will pass naturally just as a natural stage of living. But if the feelings remain, usually as I negative feelings and not dealt with, they will become an emotion (Energy in motion), such as anger, sadness, grief, etc. “Emotions are feelings that didn’t pass after the experience that generated the feelings.” If we create emotions that are healthy and sustain stable well-being, that is great. Let’s cultivate that. But If not, we need to take control and deal with it. Not pushing it away or pretending it didn’t happen or yet just “Let’s get on with it.”

Be aware of our emotions and deal with them is a crucial part of a Yoga way of living, Conscious living!

Only Love can Heal!

Journeying into the heart is a Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) practice, and follow a systematic approach to dive deeper within and connect with the real self that you are. When you give time to yourself, to get to know yourself, the rewards will undoubtedly come. When you know yourself, you start to realize issues that you need to deal with that are affecting your life not in a positive way. You always have the choice to which way you want your life to take!

The class starts with the half hour of integrated restorative asanas (postures) where we use blankets, bolster or any way to support your “physical” practice while engaging with the breathing in an introduction to Pranayama (Breathing layer of the existence, according to Yoga tradition). Then we start with the Meditation part of the class. In a guided meditation you will dive deep into you and from a place of surrendering you can let go of old patterns of behavior, thinking, living. During ten weeks, you will reinforce your new “Resolve” or in Sanskrit “Sankalpa” for life.

Journeying into the heart is an essential part of my self-discovering, realization journey that I want to share with you to help you to empower Yourself. A life of enjoyment and fulfillment is possible, and it’s about to start.