Heart-Centered living

“The practice of living from the heart invites us all into a life of self-reflection, connection and inner-healing”  Saul David Raye


Come  in two thousand and nineteen 🙂

I am so excited about 2019! And it is here and now and has started in high style.

I want to invite you all to contemplate living a heartfelt year. We have got to a time in humanity that we just have to change.  It is time to open our hearts and to connect to people, all of them. To see others just like we are.  The power of connection, which comes from the heart, allows living life –  flowing with it, and letting go of the need to control everything.  Connection flows from the heart, control comes from the ego.

“The ego wants to be interesting.  The heart is interested”. 

We all have had enough from ego based people and situations, which only brings contraction.  Expansion, of all kinds, comes from acting from our hearts.  That doesn’t mean that we have to accept anything and everything. No.  It implies that coming from our heart, we allow things to show up, to be spontaneous, to reveal themselves to us and discern what serves and what doesn’t. This is living from the heart.

“Be part of the solution, not the problem.”

The ego is judgemental, controlling, exclusive and usually lives out of fear.  Basically, ego is on the opposite side of the heart-centered living.

So, this year, we will talk more about what it is to live heartfelt lives, to connect, to engage without fear, to discern rather than judge.  Our past doesn’t define us.  It shouldn’t.  Our present and our thoughts, actions and vibrations do.  And it is in this present moment, here and now, that I invite you to share more than yoga.  Yoga by itself is small,  although a beautiful path to heartfelt living, it is still not enough.

Come with me.  Be part of this beautiful new universal phase and definitely my new phase. The portal is opened.

After the storm, comes the sunshine.

Love to you all.


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