Feeling happy for nothing

What’s the difference between people that seems to be constantly in a state of happiness or joy or contentment and the others that don’t?

I have asked that question my whole life.  I have studied so many philosophies and read hundreds of yoga, enlightenment, self-help books and attended to hundreds of seminars in the same line as well.  I have travelled to countries and visited sacred places and I couldn’t find the answer.

It was only the last year or so that I started to tip into it!  The one common thing that was taught in all these media I mentioned above in my journey into self-discovery was that they all talked about being in the moment and love yourself more and foremost.  I knew all of that intellectually as many do, but I didn’t know that practically.

Last few years have been a rough ride. I have through and survived depression I lived with for three years. Then only last year the most shocking was diagnosed with early stage of “C”.  And if that is not enough I have to move out from the former home of Yoga Essence, where we lived for 8 years.

On 25 October, around 11:30 I received, by mistake, on the phone, the news about my diagnoses. My life took the turn to be best of me and yet the best part of my life that was and is ahead.  The next four hours that followed were indeed the worse four hours of my entire life and I went to the most rock bottom, which I thought I had reached before when going through depression.  But then, and yes, just suddenly, everything I have studied all the years before and most of my life, started to make sense, so much sense!

I suddenly started to see the incredible strong yet gentle soul I am, the beautiful things I have achieved in my life and the people and projects that were truly important to me.  From that day on, my life changed drastically.  I suddenly didn’t care more about what other people think about me apart from the ones I loved the most and even them, I care only to a certain extent.  In the past I used to say “Be in the present moment”,  “Be in your now”,  “I live in the now” became truly honest and possible and I started to LIVE IN THE NOW.  Its truly what we have in life and I understand now how difficult it is for people to grasp it and most importantly to live it.

That’s why now I know how easy it is to say nice and enlightening words that we read in books or hear from yoga Masters and others.  But truly live it and say it is two very different things. I know that now!

Feeling happy, joyful or contented or sad or angry or frustrated is just a feeling.  Feelings come and goes.  If you treat feelings as feelings they don’t transform into emotions, which are the ones that really trap us into past or future and block the energy in our lives in the Now.

We are eternal beings. We are souls living a human existence!  The only certainty we have in this lifetime is that everything passes.  Nothing is permanent.  That feeling happy is a moment thing.  Hopefully, this moment thing will last longer and longer.

When we live life from this perspective and exercise it, we live in the moment, in the Now.

And then, feeling happy for nothing!


2 thoughts on “Feeling happy for nothing”

  1. You are beautiful and you are through to the other side now xx. The wonderful thing about you Marcia is that you really do appreciate and honour yourself and others and you understand the complexities of what people may be going through, what could be happening in their lives.
    There are many yoga teachers who don’t or can’t do this- their experience in life and relationships limit them.
    Blessings for this year. Namaste

    1. Hi Wendy,
      That’s so lovely of you to take the time and write this beautiful comment 🙂
      It takes someone equally beautiful and empathetic to perceive something so subtle.
      I hope to see you at Manouso workshop.


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