AWAKEN Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Global Scenario

We are a society suffering deep problem – SAD – Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Life in the corporate world is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.  Executives are often lead by their logical, practical mind to focus primarily on the mental side of things, which leads to disengagement from the body.  The results are higher levels of stress (the body operating at high speed), anxiety (living in the future) and depression (living in the past), as the body doesn’t have the resilience to get back to homeostasis.

The modern executive is a high achiever, although most of the time they are reacting from a place of stress and anxiety response, which we call the “re-action response.”  Out of negative stress, a professional focus on fixing “problems” rather than finding “solutions” emerges.   Creativity – which is the key to productivity – comes from a refreshed, healthy mind.

“Too often, a lack of support and understanding by employers means we do not recognise mental health difficulties in the workplace.  This leads to a reduced pool of employees, more time off through sickness and lower productivity. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

A preventive and management Program for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Awaken Yoga,  Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program

The OBSERVER method

With the practice of Awareness, executives can become more present in the world which they inhabit.  By focussing on being in the present moment, they can become more focused and attentive.  This focus helps executives gain a mental and physical balance and resilience that will bring more  fulfillment and happiness.  A new way of thinking, a new way to experience life, a new way of living, is gained with practice and discipline.

Our “product” is our decision-making, meaning our people and their minds are our most valuable resource” Caroline Wayman, Chief Executive and Chief Ombudsman– Financial Ombudsman

The results:

– Empathic workplace environment)

– Management of SAD – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

– Reduced absence through sickness

– Emotional Intelligence and resilience

– Increase trust amongst co-workers

– Increased performance (improved concentration, sense of clarity, higher productivity)

– Positive communication

– Creative solutions

– Positive and Inspiring leadership producing cohesive teams

– Innovative thinking

– Knowledge of vulnerability as the driving force behind Innovative Ideas


“Be part of the Solution, not the Problem.”


A conscious, aware executive focuses on creating.  The result is positive communication, a work environment that is team-focused, and an understanding of vulnerability as an integral part of innovative ideas and trust within the organization.

Create space between the observer and the observed = Clear, sharper observation

As a result of my many years of experience teaching executives in my yoga school and studio, I realised that they needed a way of thinking and acting in the corporate world that is conducive to both personal and organizational success, clarifying that success is a result of being happy doing what you do. An executive that is unhappy and unfulfilled personally or professionally cannot be successful.


“The next time you sit down to meditate, practice yoga, or any other alternative activity, just remember – you might actually be changing your life”.  Dr. Joe Dispensa – Neuroscientist

Awaken Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program

“Creating Conscious, Aware, Authentic executives.”


Awaken Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program is a program for mental health, the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Awaken, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program is more than Mindfulness. It’s a program that is the culmination of fifteen years’ experience in the corporate world, and more than 25 years studying and working with Awareness, Mindfulness, and empathy with people from all walks of life.

That alone would be a solid foundation for a good understanding of human nature and consequently the executive, but there is more. Changing countries and cultures, having lived and thrived through chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, and being a survivor of cancer, have all helped me develop high levels of resilience, adaptability and empathy.

Awaken, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program is a combination of my corporate experience and well-being through Yoga, Ayurveda and my enthusiasm for neuroscience. Awake is not a program where you will hear about eating broccoli or standing on your head!

Awaken, Mindfulness and Wellbeing is a program to develop Consciousness in a fast-paced world. The program encompasses Consciousness, Mindfulness, training, lifestyle adjustments focussing on conscious practices that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life, and yet highly rewarding and productive. The results that come with practice are transformative to the person, and consequently to the executive.

“Leadership focus should not be on tools and techniques, but unlocking the heart. Inspire yourself first, and then others, to outperform on potential. A great leader starts from human experience, not process. There is no formula or method, it starts with your heart and considers the hearts of others. Be a human being first and foremost”.

Awaken Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

The Packages

Six weeks Program designed addressing the needs of your teams and executives.


  • Fully Awaken

– A Complete program to Wake Up for Corporation for a much more productive, aware way of perform in the

Corporate world and its relationships using “The Observer Method” IP Marcia Leite


  • Inspirational Awaken

– Inspirational Workshops and Lectures in diverses themes

– The yoga and neuroscience

– Workshops and Lectures can be tailored for the needs for your organization.


  • Awaken Coaching

– Tailored Awaken Program for Executives and their specific needs


  • Awaken Corporate Yoga