Heart-Centered living

“The practice of living from the heart invites us all into a life of self-reflection, connection and inner-healing”  Saul David Raye


Come  in two thousand and nineteen 🙂

I am so excited about 2019! And it is here and now and has started in high style.

I want to invite you all to contemplate living a heartfelt year. We have got to a time in humanity that we just have to change.  It is time to open our hearts and to connect to people, all of them. To see others just like we are.  The power of connection, which comes from the heart, allows living life –  flowing with it, and letting go of the need to control everything.  Connection flows from the heart, control comes from the ego.

“The ego wants to be interesting.  The heart is interested”. 

We all have had enough from ego based people and situations, which only brings contraction.  Expansion, of all kinds, comes from acting from our hearts.  That doesn’t mean that we have to accept anything and everything. No.  It implies that coming from our heart, we allow things to show up, to be spontaneous, to reveal themselves to us and discern what serves and what doesn’t. This is living from the heart.

“Be part of the solution, not the problem.”

The ego is judgemental, controlling, exclusive and usually lives out of fear.  Basically, ego is on the opposite side of the heart-centered living.

So, this year, we will talk more about what it is to live heartfelt lives, to connect, to engage without fear, to discern rather than judge.  Our past doesn’t define us.  It shouldn’t.  Our present and our thoughts, actions and vibrations do.  And it is in this present moment, here and now, that I invite you to share more than yoga.  Yoga by itself is small,  although a beautiful path to heartfelt living, it is still not enough.

Come with me.  Be part of this beautiful new universal phase and definitely my new phase. The portal is opened.

After the storm, comes the sunshine.

Love to you all.


Yoga x mindfulness

Lately much has been promoted about mindfulness and the power of now or yet to live in the present moment. I have observed though that people are talking about mindfulness as something separated from yoga or even meditation.

So before we start to talk about Yoga x mindfulness here is a definition:

“Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment, through a gentle and nurturing lens. … When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we’re sensing in the present moment rather than ruminating over the past or imagining the future”.

Also, the second Yoga Sutra, which describes what yoga is, says “Yoga is the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind.”

So, mindfulness, living in the now or the present moment are the same things. People are confused or lack the knowledge that the practice of yoga asanas (postures) and meditation, which by the way is very much part of Yoga practice, is just a means to find one end. I understand and appreciate that there are yoga teachers out there putting mindfulness, yoga, and meditation in separate boxes, which could not be far from the truth.

When we are on our mats practicing Yoga postures or meditation, the whole purpose of the practice is to practice mindfulness. The yoga asanas were first practiced around 600 A.D with the Yoga Hatha Pradipika, the first book of Asanas (yoga postures). The yoga asanas were prescribed first to strengthen the physical body through the practice of meditation. If an individual has a weak body, the practice of meditation, sitting in a comfortable crossed legged position (the most common way to practice meditation), is almost impossible. The person would feel a sore back and hips, and their mind wouldn’t settle due to the weakness of their physical body. However through the practice of yoga asanas, the body becomes strong enough, and the asanas practice also prepare the individual to deepen their awareness of their physical body and breath (the first two layers, of the total five layers or Koshas of our being according to yoga).

From this little glimpse of knowledge of yoga, the practice of yoga postures as BKS Iyengar, the pioneer of yoga in the West, emphasizes continually is meditation in action. Therefore again, the yoga – poses, breathing exercises, and meditation – is a medium to practice mindfulness.

When we practice yoga, mindfulness is necessary to be in the present moment, feeling, examining, sensing and aware of everything that is, the sensations of the body and breath, the sense of touch, smell, sight and all the feelings involved in the specific practice you are engaged. If mindfulness is not present, then you are practicing something else, maybe a physical exercise, but not yoga.

Yoga is the practice of mindfully performing yoga asanas, which demands the breath as a bridge between the physical body and the mind. That is the practice of yoga in the outermost aspects of it!

Yes, yoga can be used for therapeutic applications to cure the diseased, physically or mentally affected students/patients, (clarifying the diseases of the physical body generally is a disease that started from an uneasy state of mind) and regardless it demands the full participation of one’s awareness in the present moment.

For some, the practice of sitting to meditate is asking too much as the mind is far too busy and distracted to sit for extended periods in meditation. In cases like this, the practice of yoga poses is beneficial. For others, the method of meditation is wanted but without a healthy, fit body with strong support for the spine to be straight, elevated and supportive of the organs, particularly the lungs, is not possible. Without breathing fluidly, there is no meditation.

Therefore lovely ones, yoga x mindfulness are not separated. Mindfulness is a state of being while yoga and meditation is a practice to attain this state of being.


Marcia Leite

“Journeying into the heart.”

The journey into the heart is a process of peeling off the layers that we create in ourselves when we experience life from birth to these days. These layers are layers of emotions that become stored in our beings, and influence our whole wellbeing. Emotions may eventually manifest in the physical body in the form of an injury, a condition such as anxiety or yet manifest as a chronic dis-ease such as Depression, Insomnia or even more severe illness such as Diabetes or even Cancer.

As we live life and experience it, we also experience “feelings.” Ideally, feelings of the experience you have had will pass naturally just as a natural stage of living. But if the feelings remain, usually as I negative feelings and not dealt with, they will become an emotion (Energy in motion), such as anger, sadness, grief, etc. “Emotions are feelings that didn’t pass after the experience that generated the feelings.” If we create emotions that are healthy and sustain stable well-being, that is great. Let’s cultivate that. But If not, we need to take control and deal with it. Not pushing it away or pretending it didn’t happen or yet just “Let’s get on with it.”

Be aware of our emotions and deal with them is a crucial part of a Yoga way of living, Conscious living!

Only Love can Heal!

Journeying into the heart is a Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) practice, and follow a systematic approach to dive deeper within and connect with the real self that you are. When you give time to yourself, to get to know yourself, the rewards will undoubtedly come. When you know yourself, you start to realize issues that you need to deal with that are affecting your life not in a positive way. You always have the choice to which way you want your life to take!

The class starts with the half hour of integrated restorative asanas (postures) where we use blankets, bolster or any way to support your “physical” practice while engaging with the breathing in an introduction to Pranayama (Breathing layer of the existence, according to Yoga tradition). Then we start with the Meditation part of the class. In a guided meditation you will dive deep into you and from a place of surrendering you can let go of old patterns of behavior, thinking, living. During ten weeks, you will reinforce your new “Resolve” or in Sanskrit “Sankalpa” for life.

Journeying into the heart is an essential part of my self-discovering, realization journey that I want to share with you to help you to empower Yourself. A life of enjoyment and fulfillment is possible, and it’s about to start.


A letter to my body

A letter to my body

My beloved little, sassy, charming, strong, healthy body… I love you so very much. I am sorry I mistreated you for a while in the last few years. I was so disconnected from you and didn’t even realise the extent of the damage I was causing you. I know how hurt you felt and how many times you yelled trying to let me know, but I still didn’t care. I was too much caught up in my mind to stop and feel you properly. I was in so much emotional pain after the end of my relationship that I disconnected entirely from you in the unconscious attempt to stop the pain. I neglected you. I didn’t feed you correctly, and even worse I poisoned you with toxic people, things, emotions, food and more.

I know now looking back, that you did try really hard to wake me up, but I couldn’t get it. I was out of you. Although I thought I loved you, I didn’t know how to love. I know now.

To love is to care, to nourish, to listen to, to feed with attention, to stop when necessary and to give a push when its needed too. I was caring more for others than I was for you. But now I know better.

You gave me the biggest fright of my life when cancer came, and I immediately woke up to you and for life. I woke up to what matters and what doesn’t. Then I instantly let go of the toxic and turned towards you, my beloved body, my buddy because I love you so very much. You are absolutely amazing, and I am now standing up for me. We are stronger together. You know that now I only give you the best and I choose the right food for you, the right friends, the right activities and intensity, the right energy.

I am fully committed to you as I promised you and I will never betray you again. After the two surgeries, I did promise you, and I will honour my word. No aggressive treatments, no injections or poisonous chemicals into you. We will do it together. From now on I will take care of you with the most natural stuff, with only the most deserving quality people in my life, because we can and we will.

I love you so very much. From now on only health and love.


Feeling happy for nothing

What’s the difference between people that seems to be constantly in a state of happiness or joy or contentment and the others that don’t?

I have asked that question my whole life.  I have studied so many philosophies and read hundreds of yoga, enlightenment, self-help books and attended to hundreds of seminars in the same line as well.  I have travelled to countries and visited sacred places and I couldn’t find the answer.

It was only the last year or so that I started to tip into it!  The one common thing that was taught in all these media I mentioned above in my journey into self-discovery was that they all talked about being in the moment and love yourself more and foremost.  I knew all of that intellectually as many do, but I didn’t know that practically.

Last few years have been a rough ride. I have through and survived depression I lived with for three years. Then only last year the most shocking was diagnosed with early stage of “C”.  And if that is not enough I have to move out from the former home of Yoga Essence, where we lived for 8 years.

On 25 October, around 11:30 I received, by mistake, on the phone, the news about my diagnoses. My life took the turn to be best of me and yet the best part of my life that was and is ahead.  The next four hours that followed were indeed the worse four hours of my entire life and I went to the most rock bottom, which I thought I had reached before when going through depression.  But then, and yes, just suddenly, everything I have studied all the years before and most of my life, started to make sense, so much sense!

I suddenly started to see the incredible strong yet gentle soul I am, the beautiful things I have achieved in my life and the people and projects that were truly important to me.  From that day on, my life changed drastically.  I suddenly didn’t care more about what other people think about me apart from the ones I loved the most and even them, I care only to a certain extent.  In the past I used to say “Be in the present moment”,  “Be in your now”,  “I live in the now” became truly honest and possible and I started to LIVE IN THE NOW.  Its truly what we have in life and I understand now how difficult it is for people to grasp it and most importantly to live it.

That’s why now I know how easy it is to say nice and enlightening words that we read in books or hear from yoga Masters and others.  But truly live it and say it is two very different things. I know that now!

Feeling happy, joyful or contented or sad or angry or frustrated is just a feeling.  Feelings come and goes.  If you treat feelings as feelings they don’t transform into emotions, which are the ones that really trap us into past or future and block the energy in our lives in the Now.

We are eternal beings. We are souls living a human existence!  The only certainty we have in this lifetime is that everything passes.  Nothing is permanent.  That feeling happy is a moment thing.  Hopefully, this moment thing will last longer and longer.

When we live life from this perspective and exercise it, we live in the moment, in the Now.

And then, feeling happy for nothing!