A letter to my body

A letter to my body

My beloved little, sassy, charming, strong, healthy body… I love you so very much. I am sorry I mistreated you for a while in the last few years. I was so disconnected from you and didn’t even realise the extent of the damage I was causing you. I know how hurt you felt and how many times you yelled trying to let me know, but I still didn’t care. I was too much caught up in my mind to stop and feel you properly. I was in so much emotional pain after the end of my relationship that I disconnected entirely from you in the unconscious attempt to stop the pain. I neglected you. I didn’t feed you correctly, and even worse I poisoned you with toxic people, things, emotions, food and more.

I know now looking back, that you did try really hard to wake me up, but I couldn’t get it. I was out of you. Although I thought I loved you, I didn’t know how to love. I know now.

To love is to care, to nourish, to listen to, to feed with attention, to stop when necessary and to give a push when its needed too. I was caring more for others than I was for you. But now I know better.

You gave me the biggest fright of my life when cancer came, and I immediately woke up to you and for life. I woke up to what matters and what doesn’t. Then I instantly let go of the toxic and turned towards you, my beloved body, my buddy because I love you so very much. You are absolutely amazing, and I am now standing up for me. We are stronger together. You know that now I only give you the best and I choose the right food for you, the right friends, the right activities and intensity, the right energy.

I am fully committed to you as I promised you and I will never betray you again. After the two surgeries, I did promise you, and I will honour my word. No aggressive treatments, no injections or poisonous chemicals into you. We will do it together. From now on I will take care of you with the most natural stuff, with only the most deserving quality people in my life, because we can and we will.

I love you so very much. From now on only health and love.

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