My mission and purpose in life is to inspire individuals of all walks of life to live consciously, be it in their personal or professional lives.

I am a Wellbeing Consultant and Yoga Educator.  I develop programs for individuals and corporations using tools such as Yoga, Ayurveda- The Health Science of India, and Neuroplasticity, to train and inspire people to be aware and connected to themselves and consequently the outside world.  I believe when an individual is happy and finds joy in their daily life, the world around them is a reflection of that internal environment.

I believe everyone is responsible for their happiness and can create an environment that is positive, compassionate, grateful, and healthy. That means taking care of our thoughts, body/mind connections, and lifestyle.  When there is balance internally, the outside world presents itself as a reflection of this, personally and professionally.

We are the Creators of our reality. 

I am an out of ordinary thinker and feeler that wants to make an impact in the world helping people to live and act more consciously in their connections.  I am engaged in a conscious approach to life,  business and leadership as I believe that being a better human being and embracing our humanness is the way to unfold our full potential as individuals and collectively in society and the corporate world.


“I believe Connections have the power to reduce Stress,  Anxiety, and Depression”


Over the years I have empowered people from all walks of life to live a more aware, and conscious life avoiding stress, anxiety, and depression and embracing their humanness and vulnerabilities which leads to Courageously presenting yourself to the world and making “connections” that are healthy and fulfilling.

I am interested in promoting Wellbeing using Yoga, Ayurveda – the ancient health system of India and Neuroplasticity as a way of living, one of awareness, to be intentional in living in the present moment and consciously presenting ourselves to the world.

Apart from my qualifications and professional experience I have been living a life that has transformed me into the person and professional, I am today, with skills and knowledge to assure you my programs and philosophy can enhance the quality of your life.

I am delighted to present my work to you!

Marcia Leite